Neshoba Central High School’s Digital Media Technology Students Produce Hype Video

Neshoba Central High School’s Digital Media Technology Students Produce Hype Video

September 25, 2020
There’s always an abundance of hype on Rocket Field during football games but this year there’s a new addition, which is drawing accolades from not only the fans but the players and coaches as well.
A new hype video, produced by Neshoba Central High School’s Digital Media Technology students, premiered last Friday night on the jumbotron. The video was later posted on social media and reached over 6,000 people in less than a week. Shannon Broom, Digital Media 2 teacher, couldn’t be more excited for her students. “That’s a lot of Facebook views for us,” she said. “We are just a little organization here in Philadelphia.”
Dr. Lundy Brantley, superintendent of education, shared her excitement. “I am very proud of these very talented students,” he said. “They are able to build their resume while getting real world experience in their chosen fields. Their creativity is really mind blowing.”
This is the third year for Digital Media at Neshoba Central and Broom’s second to teach the second-year course. Bridgette McFarland teaches the first-year course. Skills taught include photography, graphic design, music production, video and animation.
Two students, junior Kathryn Dreifuss and senior Jon Addy, have enjoyed the class so much that they plan to pursue similar fields of study in college. Addy filmed five or six Rocket practices for the football hype video. "I did one last year but this one is much better because I have learned a lot more,” he said. “I searched and listened to good songs to fit the mood of the video.” Addy started out flying the class’s drone before getting into filming and putting videos together.  He used shots taken from a drone to do the “Welcome to Rocket Field” video which is shown on the jumbotron before football games.
Dreifuss developed a love as well as a talent for Digital Media while helping her mother produce videos for the Choctaw Indian Fair. Her mother, Misty, works in the Public Information Office for the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians. While she didn’t work on the football hype video, she did produce a similar one for the volleyball team, which was played before the football game. "I love filming,” Dreifuss said. “The editing is the hard part. I listened to various songs to find what worked best with the video.”
Broom said her previous class was working on a number of projects before in-school classes ended early last spring. “Since we started, we’ve been doing more stuff with athletics because people were asking for it,” she said. “Both the volleyball and football videos are on our Facebook page.” In addition to the hype videos, her Digit Media class produced a starting lineup video where the football players are introduced over the jumbotron instead of over a microphone in the press box. 
Chief Keith Page’s voice is heard introducing the players on the video. He comes to Broom’s classroom on Wednesdays and records any changes for the next game. Addy adds it to the animation that he has already created. “Any changes are a quick fix,” Broom said.
The class has also produced commercials for many of the game’s sponsors, which are also played over the jumbotron. 
Broom’s classroom has about 25 desktop Mac computers along with much more state-of-the-art technology. “The Mississippi Department of Education gives us specific requirements for the devices and printers that we use,” Broom said. “Students like Kathryn and Jon are so interested in the technology that they will work on video production at home. Not everybody is willing to do that.” Several Digital Media students can be seen volunteering their talents at football games, many in the press box at Rocket Field. “They play live video on the jumbotron just like you would see at a college football game,” Broom said. 
Student Amanda Murphy films the game for the football coaches from atop the press box. Addy can be found inside the press box showcasing his digital talents. William Schmid is also on top of the press box with a camera. Cora Manning is also a big help, Broom said.
Addy is training junior Allen Marshall to take his place after he graduates. They are working to get Marshall certified to fly the drone.
Hayden Burrage is also working with Addy. “Football snagged Kathryn before we started this with the press box,” Broom said. “She runs Huddle for the football coaches. During soccer, she will rotate out of Hudl and work in the press box. Huddle is the software used in athletics, where they video games, upload them into Huddle and share with coaches on opposing teams.”
To watch all the videos, go to Neshoba Central High School Digital Media Technology’s Facebook page, click here.
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